Friday, September 27, 2019

Another step forward

I received another package from Brian today!

Altered Beast (set 6) (8751 317-0076)

With this mcu-dump the romset is now complete and another missing mcu is preserved!

Chelnov - Atomic Runner (Japan)

Here we have now the MCU for the Japan-Version! The World-Version was decapped last week and while Dirk patched the World-MCU dump for the Japan-Version (which looked to be good!) we could never be sure, if the handcrafted dump is good.
This new decap now confirms, that the "handcrafted" dump from Dirk is correct!

Dragonninja (Japan)

Another missing mcu is now preserved! This new dump is different to the available handcrafted mcu-dump. So it's always good to have it decapped from the real chip for confirmation.

Golden Axe (set 2, US) (8751 317-0112)

Matches the existing decap. Brian just sent the mcu for completeness, we basically knew that it will most likely match to the existing dump.

This short update now confirmed two existing roms and got us two new mcu dumps! Thx to Brian for sending the MCU's to me!

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