Samstag, 1. April 2017

decapping is a Fun World #4

I got a donated FunWorld pcb yesterday. The board is basically in bad shape, but at least i got good reads from all eproms!
As the board is not working correctly, i looked threw the dumps to hopefully get at least the GameTitle...which i didn't find inside. But, i found something much more interesting inside one eprom!

After reading this i used some tools to scan the binary file for images and sounds.
I got this 15kb Image as a result:

After some research, i found infos about a guy called Hans Scherz, who worked for more than 15 years at FunWorld, but sadly no actual informations about him and how to contact him...

EDIT: 02.04.2017
1st APRIL is over....most of you already knew it...this was a Joke! It never gave an eprom with this text inside and the photo is a  picture from the net, a little bit photoshoped!
Btw. great job KITSUNE SNIPER for finding the original picture!!

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  1. Hi, that picture is not of the guy, it's a musician called Johann Mosinger. You can see the picture here: