Sunday, February 26, 2012

Support us!

We are currently trying to get as many SEGA-PICO-Cartridges for dumping, as possible! We have to import most of them from every cartridge (incl. postage) will cost about 15-20USD! and there are about 200 different cartridges available in JAPAN...

Any Sega Pico hardware/software you would like to donate are welcome, so are money donations (all useful to buy cartridges and hardware). Anything is helpful.

So, if you can support us, contact us over

Sega-Pico Games

Today we bring you 8 new Sega-Pico dumps:

Ecco Jr. und die gro├če Schatzsuche im Ozean! (Germany):

 Ein Jahr in Winnie Puuhs Leben (Germany):

Mickey - Ausflug in die Vergangenheit (Germany):

Pocahontas (Europe):

Professor Pico und das Malkasten Puzzle (Germany):

Tails und der Musikant (Germany):

The Lion King - Adventures at Pride Rock (Europe):

Zauberbuntstifte (Germany):


the roms can be found on the usual places....

more will get dumped!