Monday, February 5, 2018

Teamwork is the most needed part to secure history

here are a couple of things, which happened the last two months.

Leapfrog Leapster:

15 new dumps!
thx to the financial help of Tauwasser and Buddybenj, i could buy these 15 previously undumped US games for the Leapster!

500-01168 - Spongebob Squarepants - Saves the Day (US)
500-10093 - Learning with Leap (US)
500-10999 - Kindergarten (US)
500-11204-A - Thomas and Friends - Calling all Engines! (US)
500-11929-A - Scholastic I Spy - Challenger (US)
500-11993-A - Number Raiders (US)
500-12160-A - Scooby Doo! - Spooky Snacks! (US)
500-12293-A - Scholastic - Animal Genius (US)
500-12350-A - Letterpillar (US)
500-12677-A - Creature Create (US)
500-13272-A - Wall-E (US)
500-13445-A - Ratatouille (US)
500-13472-A - Star Wars - Jedi Reading (US)
500-13563-A - Up (US)
500-14005-A - Scooby Doo! (US)
500-14320-A - Cars 2 (US)

as with all other Leapster dumps! these roms contain alot of SWF files, which can get extracted with different tools...



6 new french dumps!

Winnie Rourson - La Chasse Du Miel De Winnie (FR) (new REV)
Les Grandes Decouvertes D'Elmo (FR)
Thomas Et Ses Amis (FR)
Oui-Oui - Detective D'Un Jour (FR)
ABC Land Aventure (FR)
Le Roi Lion - Simba Decouvre La Jungle (FR)

all six games boot in MAME!

Radica Space Invaders 5-in-1 TV Game

Last year I sent a couple of things to Sean, as it was too difficult to dump the stuff myself and he has the better equipment for this.

This included the internal pcb of this TV Plug & Play console from RADICA.
 Sean dumped it and Haze did an amazing job in emulating it!

Radica Space Invaders Radica Space Invaders

Radica Space Invaders Radica Space Invaders

Read more about it here, at Haze's blog:

A video of the current emulation status:

Sega Pico

two new dumps could get bought and dumped for the Pico.

+ HPC-6148 - Shichida Makoto Kanshuu Unou Image Training Sansuu Eigo de Mojars ni Chousen‏‎ [Best Selection](Japan)
+ HPC-6149 - Shichida Makoto Kanshuu Unou Image Training Hiragana Katakana Casino de Moja Vegas Dream! [Best Selection](Japan)
+ T-133250 - Soreike! Anpanman no Minna de Kyousou Anpanman! (Japan)

HPC6148 and HPC6149 are Best-Selection re-releases, where we already have the original dumps...HPC-6148 is exactly the same as T-075010! HPC-6149 is a 2mb dump....filled the second half with FF's, like on some other Best-Selection releases...the minimum romsize for such Best-Selection releases was 2mb.

T-133250 - Soreike! Anpanman no Minna de Kyousou Anpanman! (Japan) is a real new/previously undumped game:

Olivetti Quaderno

rfka01 sent me a couple of internal boards from various PC's, where i mostly dumped the keyboard-controllers from. Included was also a Olivetti Quaderno, where i the 2 internal roms got dumped from!

VTech Intelligence Advance E/R Lerncomputer

rfka01 sent me also a Vtech Learning Laptop, which i sent to Sean also. Sean dumped the internal 8mb rom from it!



Konami Picno

SSJ and Dustin sent me a undumped cartridge for the Konami Picno.

RX111 - Kiiroi Kyouryuu-kun Parasa no Obake Taiji

89 in 1 - NES Handheld

I bought this 89in1 handheld in China, for 5USD...and dumped the internal rom!
It's VT* based and as David Shah does currently some great work for the VT*-Emulation in's working there.


Target Ball '96 (ARCADE)

Brian found an undumped version of Target Ball at ebay and offered to pay most the costs if someone in Europe wants to buy it for dumping. I bought it and covered the remaining amount.

Basically just a title hack of Target Ball (Nude) with an updated copyright year.


It's most times not possible to secure the games/software alone. A team with great people and alot of money is needed to get this all done the right way.