Saturday, May 25, 2019

Bandai Datach (Multicarts)

Designing multicarts for rare/obscure game consoles is my current main interest.
I got interested in the Bandai Datach system and it's one of those systems which have no solution for Flashcarts so far...until now.

As always, the design had to be as simple as possible, while the cartridges should have space for as much games as possible.
The complete systems has 7 game-releases, with 256kb each. So i designed a Multicart which as 1mb of space. (for four games, selectable by dip-switch)

One game (Battle Rush) was a small challenge, as it uses a X24C01 eeprom for saving your built robots. Without this eeprom, the game boots and let you design your robot, but nothing more, as it clearing needs the saved robots for starting a battle.
X24C01 are not easy to find and also  not cheap these days, but luckily we only need it on one cartridge!

The cartridges fit perfectly inside the Bandai Datach and the PCB's should even fit inside the original cartridge-cases.

Here are the DIP-Settings for both cartridges:

At you can even find many of the needed Barcode-Cards, just print it and you can use it with your Datach-Barcode-Reader.

4in1: 15EUR
3in1: 18EUR

both carts: 30EUR

Shipping worldwide is 15EUR

If you are interested, just use the contact-form on the main-page.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

PS-IO Switchboard for PS1 (incl. Modchip)

As i needed a second PS-IO switchboard for my other PS1 console and didn't want to wait another 4 weeks until it arrives here i made my own ones.

Firstly, i made a 1:1 copy for the original switchboard. It's perfectly working and can get installed with the same instructions as the original board:

PS-IO Switchboard 1:1 clone

As i also wanted to install a Modchip inside my PS1, i made a second version of the switchboard, which also includes a MM3 Modchip on the board.

PS-IO switchboard with ModChip (installed on a PU-22 board)

This is a clean solution if you need a modchip inside your PS1 and a switchboard. It will save you 2 wires to solder and it's easy to install.

Old solution, installing the PS-IO switchboard and MM3-Modchip seperately (on a PU-17 board)

I have some of those boards left.

The 1:1 Clone will cost 8EUR
The Switchboard+Modchip will cost 11EUR

Just use the contact form below if you need one.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Flashcarts/Multicarts for the Tomy Pyuuta/Tutor

Ever wanted to play the complete Tomy Tutor/Pyuuta game library?
It's possible now, with these flash-/multicarts!

16kb/8kb Multicart

This multicart can play all available 8kb and 16kb games. It includes 28 games, which are easily selectable by dip-switch.

8kb/16kb Multicartridges

The full game-list and DIP-settings can get seen/downloaded here.

3D Multicart

The game-library of the Tomy Tutor/Pyuuta included three 32kb games or "3D games" like they are called most times.
This multicart includes all three 32kb games and it even includes the extremely well homebrew game Pitfall.
The 32kb Multicart comes inside an Sega Megadrive cartridgeshell, which fits perfectly inside the Tomy Tutor/Pyuuta.

3D Multicart

As the Tutor/Pyuuta only had the addresslines for 16kb on the "normal" cartridge-slot, you needed a "Game-Adaptor" to play these 32kb cartridges on these consoles. This adapter plugs into back-socket of the console.

3D Multicart inside the official Game-Adaptor


As these adapters are pretty rare today and even if you get one they are very expensive, i also reversed this adapter and rebuilt it in my own design.

Game-Adaptor, needed for all 3D game cartridges and the 3D Multicart

Game-Adaptor inside the backport of the Pyuuta
3D Multicart inside the Game-Adaptor

this design is way smaller as the original adapter and because of the twisted sockets it takes nearly no additional space beside the console itself.

You can watch two reviews of these cartridges and all games here:

8kb/16kb Multicart: 35EUR
32kb Multicart: 40EUR
Game-Adapter: 12EUR

Shipping Worldwide: 15EUR

Use the contact form below, if you want one...

Saturday, March 23, 2019

VTech PreComputer/Genius Leader 1000 / 2000 / 4000 Multicartridge

The VTech Genius Leader (PreComputer) was a learning console for kids between 6 and 14 years!

Here is a multicartridge with space for 8 games (8 x 64kb), selectable by DIP.

I always try to design the PCB (size and shape) as close as possible to the original, so that everything fits inside the original cartridge-cases!

Price for a complete ready to use board (PCB + Flashrom + Socket + DIP + 100nf + 3x4K7 + edge connector): 12 EUR

Shipping worldwide: 15EUR

Use the contact form below for ordering.

Friday, March 22, 2019

Sega Saturn (Multi-)ROM-Cartridge

As all of you most likely know: The Sega Saturn has two games, which will always need a ROM-Cartridge to get the game started.
So even with a modchip, you will always need the cartridges for these games, otherwise you get just a "Missing ROM"-ErrorMessage on the screen.
These games are "King of Fighter 95" and "Ultraman".

Until now you had to buy the original cartridges for these games to get them started.

But here is the solution! A small Multicart for the Sega Saturn! This cartridge contains the gamedata for both games. Just select the game you want to start with the dipswitch and put the CD into the drive! Voila, enjoy the games!

You can use this Multicart with Original CD's if you have no modchip! If you have a modchip inside your Saturn, you can use this cartridge with burned Backups!

This cartridge can't get used with a PSEUDO SATURN!!

Price: 10EUR/cartridge
Shipping worldwide: 15EUR

You can use the contact-form below for ordering.

Sega Pico Flashcart / Adapter

I showed the first possible solution for a flashcart in October 2012 (

This solution always needed original donor cartridges from the Sega Pico, specially it were cartridges "Made in Mexico", as these had the socket for a 27C322 eprom.
 As these carts are pretty rare in Europe and will now most likely cost you 30-40euro per piece i made my own Flashcart for the Sega Pico!

But it's more or less a 3in1 Cartridge-PCB now, which fits perfectly in the original cartridge-cases!

1. You can use it as an "MEGADRIVE to PICO" adapter! Which means, you can use ALL your Sega Genesis/Megadrive Flashcarts for the Sega Pico! Just load the Pico-Rom on your Megadrive-Flashcart and put this cart into the socket of the Pico-Cartridge. If krikzz would make a new OS for his Mega Everdrives, even those should work with this!
You can also use his "Flashkit Programmer MD" and "Flashkit Cart MD" with this adapter, to play your Sega Pico roms on the real Pico hardware! (Mega-Version)

2. You can use it as a normal 27C322 Flashcart! Burn your game on the eprom, put it into the 42pin socket and you can play the game on the console. (Eprom-Version)

3. This PCB can also get used to make Replica-Carts or Homebrew-Carts. (Replica-Version)

this cart can currently get bought as a kit for self-soldering in four different versions:

Full-Version (PCB + 42pin socket + 1x 27C322 eprom + Megadrive-Socket): 15 EUR

Mega-Version (PCB + Megadrive-Socket): 14 EUR

Eprom-Version (PCB + 42pin socket + 1x 27C322 eprom): 11 EUR

Replica-Version (PCB + 1x 27C322 eprom): 10 EUR

Shipping worldwide is 15EUR, no matter how many sets you buy.

If you want one, please use the contact form below.

Monday, March 11, 2019

The Legend of Tonma (Philko bootleg) [MCU decapping]

Hammy bought a The Legend of Tonma (Philko bootleg) pcb a couple of months ago and sent me the 8751H MCU from it to deprotect, decap and read it. (as it was protected and only gave FF while reading)

I received it today and immediatly had to work on it ;-)

So as with all 8751 MCU's, the first part is to remove the top cover. Which was a little bit more work on this chip-package, as it was on all the other 8751's i have done so far.

But after around 10 minutes i got it off and grabbed the nail polish for the next part, to cover the eprom-area on the DIE.

With the covered eprom area, the chip was put inside the uv-eraser for around 20 minutes. Afterwards i did put it into my programmer and tried to read it.

looks like it worked! ;-)

Enjoy another MCU dump for MAME...

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Vtech Socrates / Yeno Professor Weiss-Alles / Yeno Professeur Saitout - Multigame-Cartridge

In the last couple of month's i have done a lot of work on designing some Flashcarts/Multigame cartridges for rare and (for most people) unimportant consoles. I will now post some infos about all this work and carts in the next couple of weeks/months.

Today i wanna show you the first Flashcart/Multigame-Cartridge for the VTECH Socrates. (Yeno Professor Weiss-Alles / Yeno Professeur Saitout)


The cartridge has a M27C801 eprom, which has space for all eight available games from this console. Games are selectable by DIP-Switch.

When the cartridge is inside the console, the DIP-Switch is always accessable. Turn off the console, change the DIP and turn it on to play the next game.

The Multigame-PCB also fits perfectly into the original Cartridge-Shell. Just cut out a small hole on the front of the shell and you can access the DIP.


Some of the games are Multilanguage! So if you start a game inside a Socrates console you get english text. If you start these games in the Professor Weiss-Alles, the games are in german language. Most likely these games are also in french if you start it in a Professeur Saitout console, but this is currently untestet!

The cartridge is working with all Consoles (Socrates, Professor Weiss-Alles, Professeur Saitout)

I have currently parts for 5 complete Multigame-Cartridges here.

Costs per Cartridge (soldered and ready to use): 20EUR 

(Shipping EU: 10EUR)
(Shipping worldwide: 15EUR)

If you are interested in one (or more) just use the contact form below.



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