Monday, July 25, 2022

GAME KING 128mbit (92 in 1) Multicart

This is it! The third and final revision of a Multicart for the GAME KING!


Back in 2019 in released a Flashcart with 512kb of space, which could fit 4x 128kb games. In 2020 i released a new design with 4mb of space, and with 4 carts you had ALL available games in your hands.

Some weeks ago, i reworked it again, and now i'm finally finished with it ;-) This new cartridge has 16mb of space and can hold ALL available games for the handheld. In fact you have 92 games in one cartridge!

Designing the cartridge-case was pretty interesting, as the cartridge uses nearly the complete available space inside the cartridge-slot, but it worked out pretty nice.

Inside are four 29L3211 flashroms full with games!

It also has the seven GAME KING 3 games included, which only work on the GK3 of course!

The 92 games on the cartridge are:


Available with someone wants one...

Sunday, July 10, 2022

Casio Loopy - Multicarts

The CASIO LOOPY, another obscure console from Japan, which had no flashcart so far.


Back in 2019 i already had a basic cartridge-design ready, which had space for 1-2 games and while it had no RAM-support, it worked pretty good for most of the games. This was basically just a proof of concept and shortly after i sent the design to Phil Bennett, who did an amazing job with it, which will most likely be in MAME sometime in the future.

In 2022 i took the basic-design and reworked it from scratch. I added RAM and did fill up the cartridge with four 27c322 eproms. This means the cartridge has 16mb (128mbit) of space for 4-8 games.

The game-library of the Loopy is not big, only 10 games (9 are dumped) and 1 extra device (Magical Shop) got released.

Which means, with only two multicarts you can basically have a full-set of all Loopy games. My next task was to design cartridge-shells and that worked out pretty good too.

The 8in1 multicart is full with all eight 2mb games. The 4in1 has the two 3mb games included and has space for 2 other games. It's extendable, which means if ever the missing "Chakura-kun no Omajinai Paradise" get's dumped, just program it on a 27c322 and solder the eprom into the cartridge. Even a forth 27c322 could get soldered in, if someone will do a homebrew game for the console in the future.

 The battery for the RAM is easily accessable from the backside of the cartridge.

The labels on the cartridge are self-printed and hand-cut and include the switch-settings for each game.

After everything was finished i designed a minimalistic cartridge-stand which can hold five Loopy cartridges:

And here are some pictures of all games on the multicarts:

i have only a very limited amount of each multicart available (4 pieces each). If someone wants a full set (both multicarts) i will include a cartridge-stand for free.

If all multicarts are sold, i will most likely do one more batch of 5 pieces each. Most likely i will not do a third batch, as they are just to much work to get them assembled and the prices of the needed components got insanely high the last few months...

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Air Duel (World, M72 Hardware) - MCU decapped

 Finally after so many years, we got another needed MCU for MAME. This is another example of great team-effort, where people around the world worked together to get this finally done.

Brian A Troha found an ebay-auction where the complete chip-set for Air Duel (World) got sold. At the same time i got contacted by Silvio from Swiss, that he has an MCU for Air Duel, but as it's missing it's labels, nobody know's if it's for the World or Japan version of the game, and that he can ship it to me for decapping.

So we had a little dilemma. When Silvio's MCU is for the World-Version we don't need to spend a lot of money for the ebay auction. If it's not, we need money to get the chip-set from ebay...

Another example why the mail-list of the Dumping Union is really important! DU-member's teamed up to assure money for the ebay-auction.

The strategy was to wait until Silvio's MCU arrived here and could get decapped. => If it's from the Japan-Version, we have to buy the World-chips from ebay.

Silvio's MCU arrived at my home on tuesday the 14-06-2022 and shortly after i got home from work i directly decapped it. Sadly it was the MCU for the Japan-Version and matched the existing decap, which i already did some years ago.

So with the amazing financial help from the other DU-members we could buy the chips and the package arrived today at my frontdoor.

 The decapping-process worked flawlessly and just after a couple of minutes, the chip was desecured and i had the 4KB of data dumped.

Finally another MCU preserved!

Many thanks to all people who were involved in this task and helped to get another game on the M72-hardware finally fully preserved.

The rom will most likely be supported in the next MAME version (0.246) which will most likely get released at end of July 2022.

Credits: Brian A. Troha, BillD, rtw, f205v, darksoft, Gor, Smitdogg, Sean Sutton, Team Europe

And a Special Thanks to Silvio, for shipping the other MCU to me. Sadly not what we needed but as always very good practice for decapping chips.

If you want to read about another great team-effort, to get the two games on the Konami Polygonet arcade platform finally emulated in MAME, head over to Mog's Blog for an amazing summary of the complete emulation-history of this platform. How the journey started nearly 20 years ago, when the roms of Polygonet Commanders were added to MAME, what happened the next 19 years and how everything come together in the last couple of three weeks! => Amazing work guys and congrats to all who helped to get this done!

Saturday, June 25, 2022

BPROM Read-Adapter v0.2 (21in1)

 In August 2021 i released the first version of the BPROM-Read-Adapter...which supported reading 14 different bproms with your programmer. You can read about it here.

As some boards from Funworld use the extremely rare CY7C291 bproms in PLCC28 package, i reworked the complete adapter-design and added support for it too. Previously i always had to handsolder the CY7C291 to something useful for reading it with a programmer.


In the end i added the following devices to the new design: CY7C261, CY7C263, CY7C264, CY7C291, 2564, 2532 and 2516.

The CY7C*-devices are even supported as PLCC28- and DIP24-package!

So the new adapter support's READING the following 21 devices (Of course it also supports the equivalent BPROM's from other company's like the 24S10 or 74S287 for the 82S129):

  • 82S123 (32 byte)
  • 82S129 (256 byte)
  • 82S131 (512 byte)
  • 82S135 (256 byte)
  • 82S137 (1 kbyte)
  • 82S141 (512 byte)
  • 82S147 (512 byte)
  • 82S181 (1 kbyte)
  • 82S185 (2 kbyte)
  • 82S191 (2 kbyte)
  • 82S195 (4 kbyte)
  • 82S321 (4 kbyte)
  • 82S641 (8 kbyte)
  • 2708 (1 kbyte)
  • CY7C261 (8 kbyte)
  • CY7C263 (8 kbyte)
  • CY7C264 (8 kbyte)
  • CY7C291 (only 2 kbyte! - so split the 8kb dump into four 2kbyte pieces!)
  • 2564 (8 kbyte)
  • 2532 (only 4 kbyte! - so split the 8kb dump into two halves!)
  • 2516 (only 2 kbyte! - so split the 8kb dump into four 2kbyte pieces!)


All BPROM's can get read as 2716, 2732 or 2764 (see the markings on the adapters) which should be supported by any programmer.

For reading 2708 eproms, you will need an external power-supply, which get's the needed +12V and -5V...just connect it to the adapter, read it as 2716 and split the dump afterwards into two halves.

Reading the BPROM's as 2716 will give you a 2kb file. Split the file to the correct sizes of the BPROM (The size of the BPROM is written above at the list of supported BPROM's) and you will get your correct dump of the bprom! (example 82s123: Split the 2kb file in pieces of 32byte each. All pieces should have the same CRC. Enjoy your BPROM-dump!)

If your programmer supports a "PIN-Check" before dumping you can have "1 Missing Pin" on some of the BPROM's. That's OK, don't worry ;-) !





Needed parts:

  • 8 pcs 40 Pin 1x40 Male 2.54 Breakable Pin Header

  • 3 pcs 1P2T Toggle Switch

  • 2 pcs DIP16 IC Socket
  • 1 pcs DIP18 IC Socket
  • 3 pcs DIP20 IC Socket
  • 2 pcs DIP24 IC Socket
  • 2 pcs DIP24 IC Socket (wide) 
  • 2 pcs DIP28 IC Socket (wide)
  • 1 pcs PLCC28 to DIP28 Adapter.

  •  2pcs 12pin single row female Pin Header.

  • PCB Files: You can order the boards here.

Monday, May 30, 2022

PV-1000 Homebrew-Cartridge

2021 and 2022 were good years for the Casio PV-1000 so far. Nine new hombrew games got released and this is a huge update to the existing small game-library of only 13 games, which this console ever had.

I had already designed a HOMEBREW-cartridge for this system some years ago, but as no hombrew-stuff was ever released (which also worked on the real hardware), i did not post about it.

But with the 9 new games, this was a good point to finish this cartridge and design a 3d-printed case for it.


Youtube-Videos of all nine games:

The flashrom (39sf040) is removable and with most likely every programmer reprogramable, so if more homebrew-stuff get's released it's easy to add those to this cartridge.

Here's the actual DIP-Switch-Sheet:

I will most likely only built a maximum of 20 pieces of this cartridge, so if someone is interested, just write.

Sunday, March 6, 2022

Multi Game Hunter - MD & SNES Copier - Replacements

 I wrote about the MGH already some month's ago here and i really like this copier pretty much. It's a solid machine and easy to use.

The last couple of weeks i reversed two hardware-parts, which looks like some people are having problems with or which are missing from their machines. Missing one of these parts makes your copier pretty much useless.

So here we have a new 16mbit RAM-modul for the MGH:

TOP: Original - BOTTOM: new replacement module

New Module inside my MGH


The new RAM module is working exactly like the original one. The MGH copy's the ROM from your floppy on this RAM-module and afterwards loads the game from it. So with a dead or missing RAM-modul, no games will start on your MGH.

Next i designed a replacement for the SEGA Adapter, as it looks like this is missing on many machines:

TOP: Original - BOTTOM: new replacement PCB.

The replacement PCB fits inside the original case, and if i find some free time the next couple of weeks i will most likely draw a case for it for 3D printing. You can use it without any case in your Sega consoles too, so a case is not really needed.

Below are two pictures, to show in which direction it needs to get insert in the console.



I hope this will bring some machines back to life. I have nine RAM-modules and nine Sega-Adapters still here. So if someone wants to buy some, just write a short message to (remove all # from the address) with the words "[Contact TE]" in the message-header...

Sunday, January 16, 2022

Long trip to get some Mouse Trap's

 One week ago we did find a german version of MOUSE TRAP near the Austrian-Czech border. So far nobody did know, that a german version of this game even exists. Luckily, the owner allowed us to dump it, so i did the nearly 300km roadtrip today to get the board dumped and preserved. Not only was this interesting because of the german version of the game, all other official MOUSE TRAP sets in MAME also have one bipolar prom marked as BAD DUMP, as it was used from an bootleg and not confirmed from an official board so far.

 As it takes about 1,5hours of driving-time to the board, i started my trip at 08:00am. The streets were nearly empty this sunday at this time and while i was getting nearer and nearer to the czech border the adventure started to take off.

"Zacky", the owner, was a nice guy and shortly after my arriving, i had the board infront of me.

While this board is over 40 years old, it was in a pretty good shape! I took nearly my complete dumping-equipment with me, just to be sure to get everything dumped and preserved. Most work was finished after 30 minutes, i dumped all eproms and bproms at least 3 times and always checked that the CRC's matched between the dumps of each chip.

A quick romident in the newest MAME showed that 11 of the 17 roms did match the other MOUSE TRAP sets in MAME. The other 6 roms (marked "GMTL") had no match. I expected this already before i did the romident, as the G stands most likely for GERMAN.

GMTL-4.a10           NO MATCH
GMTL-4.a11           NO MATCH
MTA-1.5a             = mta_5a.5a             mtrap       Mouse Trap (version 5)
                     = mta_5a.5a             mtrap2      Mouse Trap (version 2)
                     = mta_5a.5a             mtrap3      Mouse Trap (version 3)
                     = mta_5a.5a             mtrap4      Mouse Trap (version 4)
MTA-1.6a             = mta_6a.6a             mtrap       Mouse Trap (version 5)
                     = mta_6a.6a             mtrap2      Mouse Trap (version 2)
                     = mta_6a.6a             mtrap3      Mouse Trap (version 3)
                     = mta_6a.6a             mtrap4      Mouse Trap (version 4)
MTA-1.7a             = mta_7a.7a             mtrap       Mouse Trap (version 5)
                     = mta_7a.7a             mtrap2      Mouse Trap (version 2)
                     = mta_7a.7a             mtrap3      Mouse Trap (version 3)
                     = mta_7a.7a             mtrap4      Mouse Trap (version 4)
MTA-1.d2             = mta_2a.2a             mtrap       Mouse Trap (version 5)
                     = mta_2a.2a             mtrap2      Mouse Trap (version 2)
                     = mta_2a.2a             mtrap3      Mouse Trap (version 3)
                     = mta_2a.2a             mtrap4      Mouse Trap (version 4)
                     = mta_2a.2a             mtrapb      Mouse Trap (bootleg)
                     = ms2a.8d               mtrapb2     Mouse Trap (version 4, bootleg)
MTA-1.d3             = mta_3a.3a             mtrap       Mouse Trap (version 5)
                     = mta_3a.3a             mtrap2      Mouse Trap (version 2)
                     = mta_3a.3a             mtrap3      Mouse Trap (version 3)
                     = mta_3a.3a             mtrap4      Mouse Trap (version 4)
                     = mta_3a.3a             mtrapb      Mouse Trap (bootleg)
                     = ms3a.8e               mtrapb2     Mouse Trap (version 4, bootleg)
MTA-1.d4             = mta_4a.4a             mtrap       Mouse Trap (version 5)
                     = mta_4a.4a             mtrap2      Mouse Trap (version 2)
                     = mta_4a.4a             mtrap3      Mouse Trap (version 3)
                     = mta_4a.4a             mtrap4      Mouse Trap (version 4)
                     = mta_4a.4a             mtrapb      Mouse Trap (bootleg)
                     = ms4a.8f               mtrapb2     Mouse Trap (version 4, bootleg)
MTA-1.d5             = mta_1a.1a             mtrap       Mouse Trap (version 5)
                     = mta_1a.1a             mtrap2      Mouse Trap (version 2)
                     = mta_1a.1a             mtrap3      Mouse Trap (version 3)
                     = mta_1a.1a             mtrap4      Mouse Trap (version 4)
                     = mta_1a.1a             mtrapb      Mouse Trap (bootleg)
                     = ms5a.8h               mtrapb2     Mouse Trap (version 4, bootleg)
MTL-1.d11            = mtl_11d.11d           mtrap       Mouse Trap (version 5)
                     = mtl_11d.11d           mtrap2      Mouse Trap (version 2)
                     = mtl_11d.11d           mtrap3      Mouse Trap (version 3)
                     = mtl_11d.11d           mtrap4      Mouse Trap (version 4)
                     = 2516.j6               mtrapb      Mouse Trap (bootleg)
                     = ms11d.6j              mtrapb2     Mouse Trap (version 4, bootleg)
742s97-VEL5C-1.c5    = vel5c_1.c5            mtrap       Mouse Trap (version 5)
                     = vel5c_1.c5            mtrap2      Mouse Trap (version 2)
                     = vel5c_1.c5            mtrap3      Mouse Trap (version 3)
                     = vel5c_1.c5            mtrap4      Mouse Trap (version 4)
                     = 24s10n.1c             mtrapb      Mouse Trap (bootleg)
                     = 24s10n.1c             mtrapb2     Mouse Trap (version 4, bootleg)
                     = tt5c.129              teetert     Teeter Torture (prototype)
                     = vel5c-1.c5            venture     Venture (version 5 set 1)
                     = vel5c-1.c5            venture4    Venture (version 4)
                     = vel5c-1.c5            venture5a   Venture (version 5 set 2)
7603-HRL6D-1.d6      = 74s288.d6             mtrap       Mouse Trap (version 5)
                     = 74s288.d6             mtrap2      Mouse Trap (version 2)
                     = 74s288.d6             mtrap3      Mouse Trap (version 3)
                     = 74s288.d6             mtrap4      Mouse Trap (version 4)
                     = 74s288.3d             mtrapb      Mouse Trap (bootleg)
                     = 74s288.3d             mtrapb2     Mouse Trap (version 4, bootleg)
                     = (BAD) prom.6d               spectar     Spectar (revision 3)
                     = (BAD) prom.6d               spectar1    Spectar (revision 1?)
                     = prom.6d               spectarrf   Spectar (revision 2, bootleg)
                     = stl_6d-1.6d           targ        Targ
                     = stl_6d-1.6d           targc       Targ (cocktail?)
                     = tt6d.123              teetert     Teeter Torture (prototype)
                     = hrl6d-1.d6            venture     Venture (version 5 set 1)
                     = hrl6d-1.d6            venture4    Venture (version 4)
                     = hrl6d-1.d6            venture5a   Venture (version 5 set 2)
                     = sn74s288n.3d          venture5b   Venture (version 5 set 2, bootleg)
7603-HRL14H-1.h14    = fxl-11b               fax         FAX
                     = fxl-11b               fax2        FAX 2
                     = (BAD) 74s288.h14            mtrap       Mouse Trap (version 5)
                     = (BAD) 74s288.h14            mtrap2      Mouse Trap (version 2)
                     = (BAD) 74s288.h14            mtrap3      Mouse Trap (version 3)
                     = (BAD) 74s288.h14            mtrap4      Mouse Trap (version 4)
                     = (BAD) 74s288.6c             mtrapb      Mouse Trap (bootleg)
                     = 74s288.6c             mtrapb2     Mouse Trap (version 4, bootleg)
                     = hrl14h-1.h14          pepper2     Pepper II (version 8)
                     = hrl14h-1.h14          pepper27    Pepper II (version 7)
                     = hrl14h-1.14h          spectar     Spectar (revision 3)
                     = hrl14h-1.14h          spectar1    Spectar (revision 1?)
                     = hrl14h-1              spectarrf   Spectar (revision 2, bootleg)
                     = hrl_14h-1.14h         targ        Targ
                     = hrl_14h-1.14h         targc       Targ (cocktail?)
                     = tt14h.123             teetert     Teeter Torture (prototype)
                     = hrl14h-1.h14          venture     Venture (version 5 set 1)
                     = hrl14h-1.h14          venture4    Venture (version 4)
                     = hrl14h-1.h14          venture5a   Venture (version 5 set 2)
                     = sn74s288n.6c          venture5b   Venture (version 5 set 2, bootleg)
GMTL-4.a6            NO MATCH
GMTL-4.a7            NO MATCH
GMTL-4.a8            NO MATCH
GMTL-4.a9            NO MATCH


 To get a quick confirmation that everything is dumped and good, i started the new roms as mtrap in MAME and quickly got a fully working german version of MOUSE TRAP up and running.

All three bprom's matched the existing bprom-dumps in MAME, so the BAD DUMP flag can get removed from all set's too.

With the new dumps on my laptop i started my 150km roadtrip back to my home, knowing that we now have a new version preserved and documented.


Driven distance: 300km

Expenditure of time: ~5 hours 

New preserved data: 24kb (6 roms with 4kb each)

Credits: team europe, rtw, f205v, darksoft, zacky