Thursday, November 7, 2013

VTech - Stuff

had some time to get some VTech stuff dumped

here we have the bios of "GENIUS LEADER 2000" and "GENIUS LEADER 2000 PLUS", which are the german versions of "PreComputer 2000"

these two dumps already work in MESS, if you run them as "pc2000". not all characters are displayed correctly. as the hd44780 chrgen of these german machines are not dumped for now. so it's missing "ä", "ü", "ö", "Ä", "Ü", "Ö", "ß",...
if someone can help how to dump the chrgen, please contact me! if needed i can also provide draws of the characters and their position in the character-table. i only would need someone who can help generating the chrgen rom.

Screenshots of MESS:

Genius Leader 2000

Genius Leader 2000 Plus

i also got a cartrige for this system. As with most vtech cartridges the rom inside the cartrige contains two games. first half is "Allgemeinwissen II", second half is "Fantasie Trivia". so hopefully someone can add this also to MESS.

last but not least we have the "GENIUS LEADER NOTEBOOK" bios dumped now too. this system is not supported in MESS so far. hopefully someone is interested in adding it.

Monday, October 21, 2013

two new games

special thanks to CharlesMacDonald, who gave the final tip of how to get good dumps of these two games.

HPC-6046 - Moshimoshi Pico Set with Dare ga Deru kana Moshimoshi Pico de TV to o-Shaberi! (Japan):

HPC-6144 - Pet to Issho ni Tanoshiku Asobo - PC Pico (Japan):

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

the last six months

it's been a lot time without an update here.

so this post is just an overview what got dumped in the last couple of months...


HPC-6021-00 - Mezase Pro Yakyuu (Japan):

HPC-6066 - Pekora no Daibouken Maboroshi no Ice Cream o Sagase! (Japan):

HPC-6082 - Fishing Pico Donald no Adventure (Japan):

HPC-6013-01 - 3-choume no Tama Momo-chan wa Doko! (Japan):

HPC-6104 - ECC Junior no Hajimete Eigo Vol. 2 Patty Goes On A Picnic - Patty-chan no Picnic (Japan):

T-133110 - Ultra Hero (Japan):

T-226040-00 - Doraemon - Yometa yo-Kaketa yo Hiragana Katakana (Japan):

HPC-6030-00 - Ongaku Daisuki Snoopy (Japan):

HPC-6103-01 - ECC Junior no Hajimete Eigo Vol. 1 Patty And Her Family - Patty-chan Family (Japan)

HPC-6081 - Itsudemo Issho Doraemon Set (Japan):

HPC-6118 - Dance Pico with Hashitte Odotte Chou Happy! (Japan):

MMGS-1 - Melody Land (Mixed Book Player Copera) (Japan):

MMGS-2 - Do Re Mi Fa Densetsu (Japan) (Mixt Book Player):

MMGS-3 - Copera no Time Machine (Japan) (Mixt Book Player):

MMGS-4 - Otto Katachitchi (Japan) (Mixt Book Player):

T-226050-00 - Doraemon - Kazoete-Kanzan Kazu Tokei (Japan):

MK-49041-06 - El Profesor Pico En El Mundo De Los Colores (Spain):

MK-49026-06 - Lapices De Colores Magicos (Spain):

HPC-6001-01 - Mickey no Yukai na Bouken (REV 1) (Japan):

T-133020-00 - Crayon Shin-chan no Ora to Issho ni Asobou yo! (Japan):

T-133430 - Ashita no Nadja (Japan):

HPC-6005-00 - Donald no Obake Taiji (Japan):

HPC-6072 - Doraemon no Utatte Pico Set with Issho ni Utaou! Doraemon Waku Waku Karaoke (Japan):

T-133310-00 - Ojarumaru (Japan):

HPC-6014 - Ai to Yume to Bouken Sanrio Puroland! (Japan):

T-133090 - NHK o-Kaasan to Issho Do Re Mi Fa Do~nuts! Asobi Ippai Uta Ippai! (Japan):


i dumped the SEGA SATURN cartridge for ULTRAMAN too.

read more about it here: