Saturday, September 21, 2019

More Data East MCU's

We are currently on the hunt on getting most of the remaining 8751H mcu's for MAME decapped and dumped.
This is really costly and so far we paid all stuff from our own money. No donations came in for this so far. 

Decapping MCU's is risky! Even handled with extremely care, chances are high to break the chip. I decapped so far eightteen 8751H MCU's and 3 of those broke while decapping.
Getting better and better with every chip i decap it's basically a 25% chance something goes wrong and the chip is dead without a dump of it. Which also means we have to buy a second board to get the MCU dumped.

The today's update did cost us over 1250EUR.

Fire Trap (Japan)

Brian bought a board, a couple of month's back and sent me the MCU from it. Sadly it broke while decapping it...
I put in my own money and bought a second board to get the mcu again.

MCU now dumped! => Costs (both boards): ~800EUR

Chelnov - Atomic Runner (World)

I also bought this so we get a MCU dump.

MCU dumped! => Costs: 450EUR

Birdie Try (different MCU)

While i already decapped the MCU from Birdie Try a couple of weeks ago, ee got a what could be
 different revision of the MCU.
And yes, it's really a different revision. 7 bytes are different to the existing dump.

MCU dumped! => Costs = free!

All of these new dumps got programmed on a fresh 89C51 and tested with the boards. Confirming that all dumps worked on the real hardware.

Donations are highly needed, as the secured postage fee's are already taking a lot of money! So please, if you can, donate some money to