Sunday, January 26, 2020

MSP55LV100S - SSOP70

Looks like this chip is completely undocumented in the net and a couple of people are searching for the pinout of this chip!

here it is:

confirmed as good on two dumped flashroms.

Monday, January 13, 2020

Casio Loopy - Little Romance

Next piece inside SSJ's package was the Casio Loopy cartridge Little Romance.

the roms got desoldered and dumped directly.
This game is now also preserved.

We are still in search of the last undumped Casio Loopy cartridge Chakura-kun no Omajinai Paradise (チャクラくんのおまじないパラダイス), contact us if you have it and want to help to preserve it.

Thx to SSJ for sending lending us his carts!


Casio Loopy - Video Seal Wordprocessor XK-700

SSJ sent me a package with some great stuff inside! (You may have seen some of it's content already at Haze's 2020 preview-blogpost. All GameKing-carts were dumped a couple of days ago.

Also included in this package was this Casio Loopy - Video Seal Wordprocessort XK-700 device. Mostly known as MAGICAL SHOP. A pretty rare device, more infos about could be read here.

It has an internal rom and is completely undumped!

Pictures of the internal hardware:

The rom got desoldered and dumped directly!
Afterwards i did give it a try in MAME (knowing that the emulation of the Loopy is still very primary) and we got this:

Another great and rare item preserved.

Now i will get to the next piece inside the SSJ's package...stay tuned!