Monday, January 13, 2020

Casio Loopy - Video Seal Wordprocessor XK-700

SSJ sent me a package with some great stuff inside! (You may have seen some of it's content already at Haze's 2020 preview-blogpost. All GameKing-carts were dumped a couple of days ago.

Also included in this package was this Casio Loopy - Video Seal Wordprocessort XK-700 device. Mostly known as MAGICAL SHOP. A pretty rare device, more infos about could be read here.

It has an internal rom and is completely undumped!

Pictures of the internal hardware:

The rom got desoldered and dumped directly!
Afterwards i did give it a try in MAME (knowing that the emulation of the Loopy is still very primary) and we got this:

Another great and rare item preserved.

Now i will get to the next piece inside the SSJ's package...stay tuned!

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