Monday, February 15, 2021

Monon Color - 128mbit Flashcart

 The Monon Color is another obscure handheld, which never got released in Europe and America...

I got contacted, if i can make a Flashcart for this system and got shipped a complete console and two games afterwards.

So here's the first Flashcart for this system. It can hold any games from 4mb to 16mb and the cartridge has a nice 3D-printed case.


You will need a programmer, which can program 25Q128 chips (e.g. the TL866II Plus is most likely the cheapest option, if you don't already have a programmer).


Also included is the "Program-Adapter", which can get used to program the Flashcarts and can even get used for dumping original cartridges.

This flashcart does only support the game-rom! As the latest emulation-progress showed, the original carts contain a game-rom + music-mcu inside. As of AUG-2022 the music-mcu can't get decapped/dumped so far.

Games on this flashcart will not have any background-music!