Monday, August 26, 2019

Super Cassette Vision - 32KB RAM Multicarts

You have most likely already seen this:

This old design basically worked, but no matter what i did, it drained the battery within 3 days. So i had to look for another solution.

Basically only one of the 32KB games need the battery and this is POP & CHIPS for the HIGHSCORE table.

So i reworked the design to use F-RAM chips and now POP & CHIPS worked like a charm. But DRAGON SLAYER did not, this one only worked with the S-RAM chip. Luckily it looks like, it really only needs the RAM for gameplay and not for saving.

The conclusion is, we now need two cartridges:

The good thing, none of these two cartridges now needs a battery and the F-RAM cartridge will hold your data for at least 30 years.

DIP 5 & 6 are the DIPS for the RAM-Banks. Each cartridge has 4 of it. Which means you can save four different Highscore-Tables for POP & CHIPS if you want.

Both cartridges have a lot of space left, so many homebrew games could get designed for the Super Cassette Vision:

Here are the DIP-Settings for both cartridges

Thursday, August 22, 2019

More MCU's...

I just decapped three MCU's, which i got sent from Brian.

Bad Dudes

Heavy Barrel (World) 


Last Mission 

i'm pretty sure those dumps will get added to MAME in the next few days!

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

CASIO PV-1000 - Multicart - Complete Edition

I got myself a CASIO PV-1000 console some month's ago and while it's already almost impossible to get this console, it's even harder to find cartridges for it. That's the reason i started to build this Multicart.

Short facts about this cartridge:
  • Contains all available 13 games for the PV-1000
  • Games are selectable by dip-switch
  • Got a nice cartridge case (Megadrive/Genesis, fits perfectly)
  • Got a professional printed cartridge-cover. (not selfprinted, like on the other multicarts)

If anyone wants one, it costs 38EUR

Friday, August 9, 2019

Let's play real Golf!

Birdie Try is another game, which is supported in MAME since years. Bryan McPhail added it in Version 0.36b2 and Angelo Salese simulated the MCU in december 2002, making the game playable.
The real MCU was not decapped so far, so Ivan and I teamed up and bought a complete board of the game.

I received it today!

MCU - before i did start the decapping-process

Using the "typically" way to decap the 8751H, it took about 3 minutes to remove the cover, another 3 minutes to put some nail-polish on the eprom-area and about 30Minutes under the UV-eraser.

8751H - cover removed and Eprom-Area covered

Close-up of the covered die

Afterwards i got this:

small part of the dumped rom

I wrote the dumped data to a new 89C51 and tried it with the real PCB and IT WORKS PERFECTLY!.
Afterwards i clued the original 8751H together and now it looks like it was never ever opened or touched.

If you want to donate so we can aquire more MCU's for decapping, just paypal to