Sunday, February 5, 2017

PICO and MCU confirmation

Got a nice package from Italy last week!

Thanks to f205v who donated a package of italian Pico-Stuff too me. So we got a new previously undumped PICO game!

Ecco Jr. E La Grande Caccia Al Tesoro Nell'Oceano! (Italy)

Quizard MCU's:
If you look at this post  you can read about my progress dumping the locked MCU for Quizard 4. About one day later i decapped the MCU for an Quizard 1, but was not 100% sure the dump is GOOD.
So i ordered a couple of new D8751H MCU's to try the dumps on the real hardware.

I can now confirm, both dumps are GOOD and working perfectly on the real system!