Saturday, November 22, 2014

PXP2 8Bit Slim Station

some of you maybe know the PXP2, basically a NES clone inside an PSP case.

I just got one and had to play a little bit with it. It's basically a good console for only 15USD.
You have two cartridges included. If you start the console without an cartridge inserted, you get
an "999999 in 1" menue screen, cartridge 1 inserted and you get a "777777 in 1" menue screen, cartridge 2 inserted and you get a "888888 in 1" menue screen.

first look was inside the cartridges, just to see that there's not much inside. they are basically working as "jumpers".

so i opened the console itself.

the small flash rom in the top middle is a S29GL032 rom. took me a couple of minutes and the rom was desoldered and dumped! ;-)

Running it with the EmuvT Emulator (see some posts below) is working great!

If you run the 4mbyte rom with the emulator you only get to the "999999 in 1" menue. If you split the rom into two halfs, the first half is the "999999 in 1" menue, now split the second half again into two 1mbyte files you have the "888888 in 1" and the "777777 in 1" menue + games.
every menue let you choose from different games. i think all games together are about 60 - 70 real games.

Friday, September 26, 2014

dumping for living....

So what happend the last few weeks.

1. new PICO games:

HPC-6025 - NHK o-Kaasan to Issho Genki na Ko Atsumare! (Japan):

HPC-6036 - Uchuu de Asobou! Baabapapa no Uchuu Ryokou (Japan):

T-133420-00 - Shinseiki Ultraman Densetsu (Japan):

HPC-6008-00 - Pengin Ukiuki Bikkuri Suizokukan Meiro - Puzzle (Japan):

HPC-6091 - Soreike! Anpanman - Anpanman to Suuji Asobi (Japan):

HPC-6131-00 - Soreike! Anpanman Anpanman no Chie no World (Japan):

HPC-6146-01 - Soreike! Anpanman Anpanman no Hitori de Dekichatta! (Japan):

T133150-00 - Nintama Rantarou (Japan):

T133390-00 - Doubutsu Pico Hamster Land ~Shokai Gentei-Hamster Ningyou Fuzoku~ (Japan):

837-12028 - Peuraideu Rokeui Moheom (Korea) (Samsung Pico):

837-19076 - Kibodeu Piko (Korea) (Samsung Pico):
does not boot in any emulator

HPC-6080 - Beogseu Laipeu (Korea) (Samsung Pico):

MK-49047-00 - 101 Dalmashian (Korea) (Samsung Pico):

that korean cartridge is interesting, as they reused the US-Rom here. So no new dump, but at least the korean artwork/booklet/manual is secured!

T-102051-08 - Geumdokki Eundokki (Korea) (Samsung Pico):

837-11919 - Heokulwa Rollineun Babbayo (Korea) (Samsung Pico):

T-102191-08 - Bioneun Nal (Korea) (Samsung Pico):

T-102071-08 - Tinga-wa Haenggo-eui Toongtang Toongtang Doshi (Korea) (Samsung Pico):

that's a great amount of new games dumped the last month. looking forward to break the 300' mark this year, as currently there are 285 PICO games dumped. not so bad if you think about, that 2 1/2 years back only 1 PICO rom was dumped & released!
I'm currently awaiting about 18 undumped games to arrive, and when i look at my "PICO undumped list" after dumping these 18 games, there are not many games left to dump. Mostly Rereleases (10th Edition) of already dumped games, were it's not sure if the original rom isn't just reused again. So in my opinion the great steps forward for getting all japanese PICO games dumped are over next year, as about 85% of all games worldwide are dumped then.

2. GB BOY Colour [KONG FENG]

Some of you maybe know the GameBoy Colour clone called "GB BOY colour". It costs about 20USD and got released in two different variants. One variant has an flash-rom inside which includes 188 games (in reality it's about 50 different games) and the other variant gets sold without any games. If you look for a cheap new GameBoy Colour, with a Backlit display and great game compatibility (currently everything i put into it worked flawlessly, also the GB Everdrive works great), this console is worth buying!

Anyway, i dumped the internal flash-rom!

It's currently half-working in MESS, some games do start, some do not. The dump itself contains many 1:1 gameboy dumps, you can even find a list of the rom-filenames which got included, inside the dump.

3. Super Arcade 110 [MILLENIUM]

The "Super Arcade 110" is a MEGA DRIVE clone with an built-in "NES on a Chip", the console can play Megadrive cartridges and has about 20 Megadrive and 90 NES games built-in. Distributed by Millenium.

Currently couldn't get a good dump of the Megadrive-part, but i could dump the flash-rom with the NES roms.

the rom is currently working great with the EmuVT emulator (downloadable here: