Friday, September 29, 2017

100 years dumped and preserved!

In the last couple of month's, some games were dumped and preserved.
this article only covers the three most interesting ones.

SSJ sent me a package with some undumped cartridges last week and a couple of days later we had it preserved:

CHALLENGE GOLF (1984) [Bandai RX-78]

 that's the first dumped (and released) game-cartridge for the RX-78.

Exciting Jockey (1984) [PV 2000]

 the last undumped game-cartridge for the PV-2000!

Real Number Basic (1983) [PV 2000]

the last undumped cartridge for the PV-2000! So with these two PV-2000 cartridges all known games are now preserved!

Special THX to SSJ who found and bought those carts for preservation!!
This is the type of software which needs to get preserved and why i like what i'm doing. It's every time again amazing to see >30 year old software running on an actual PC!