Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year

let's finish the year 2012 with two rom-releases!

Pocket Monsters Advance Generation Hiragana! Katakana! Kakechatta! (Japan):

because of the cheap quality of the pcb's from the newer games (2002 and newer) i never got consistant reads from this game, even cowering has a bad dump of it included in his goodpico, so he didn't get a good read of it too...i got a second cartridge of the game to verify the dump! And now here it is! the last POKEMON rom for the sega pico is dumped!

MiniMoni. MiniMoni. TV ni Derundapyon! (Japan):

Saturday, December 29, 2012

another three

6000-nin no Sensei-tachi ga Tsukutta Tanoshii Shougakkou Tanken 2 (Japan):

Minna de Karaoke! Issho ni Utaou Suki na Uta! (Japan):

and another COPERA game!

Outa no Canvas (Japan):

this one also shows the error-screen in FUSION, with PICODRIVE you get the copera-intro and after that you even get the animated TITLE-SCREEN, after that it hangs.

such releases are only possible, if anoth money-donations are made, so if you can help, please donate! PAYPAL:


Friday, December 28, 2012

next two...

Hajimema Series 1 Donald no Obake Taiji (Japan):

btw. it's a rerelease from 1998, the original game came out in 1993 [HPC-6005 - Donald no Obake Taiji]


Mike to Asobou Tobidase Milky Way (Japan):

as the other already dumped Copera game it only shows an Error-Screen in FUSION, in PICODRIVE it runs the COPERA-Intro and hangs after that....maybe some emu-devs could look at that!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Saturday, December 15, 2012

VTech IQ Unlimited (German)

Today i dumped the german version of the "IQ Unlimited" Laptop from VTech! This laptop has 3 games, a Office-Suit (Write, Calc, Presentation). The intersting part is, that this machine uses an Motorola Dragonball EZ CPU, which was mostly used in PALM handhelds!

here's a video of the gameplay, which i recorded. It's in divx and around 14 minutes long.

and here are some pics of the machine:

Monday, December 3, 2012

Prof. Weiss-Alles

some of you maybe know the console "Socrates" from V-Tech. It's emulated in MESS already and working.

Today i got the german version of it, "Prof. Weiss-Alles", distributed by YENO.

here's a picture of the console:

i had some minutes, so i desoldered the maskrom, dumped it and soldered it back.

after that i did some tests with MESS and as expected it works with the current MESS driver!

should be included in the next MESS-Update!