Sunday, March 6, 2022

Multi Game Hunter - MD & SNES Copier - Replacements

 I wrote about the MGH already some month's ago here and i really like this copier pretty much. It's a solid machine and easy to use.

The last couple of weeks i reversed two hardware-parts, which looks like some people are having problems with or which are missing from their machines. Missing one of these parts makes your copier pretty much useless.

So here we have a new 16mbit RAM-modul for the MGH:

TOP: Original - BOTTOM: new replacement module

New Module inside my MGH


The new RAM module is working exactly like the original one. The MGH copy's the ROM from your floppy on this RAM-module and afterwards loads the game from it. So with a dead or missing RAM-modul, no games will start on your MGH.

Next i designed a replacement for the SEGA Adapter, as it looks like this is missing on many machines:

TOP: Original - BOTTOM: new replacement PCB.

The replacement PCB fits inside the original case, and if i find some free time the next couple of weeks i will most likely draw a case for it for 3D printing. You can use it without any case in your Sega consoles too, so a case is not really needed.

Below are two pictures, to show in which direction it needs to get insert in the console.



I hope this will bring some machines back to life. I have nine RAM-modules and nine Sega-Adapters still here. So if someone wants to buy some, just write a short message to (remove all # from the address) with the words "[Contact TE]" in the message-header...