Sunday, September 27, 2020

Game King - 32mbit - Multicarts

EDIT 2022-07-25: This design is OLD and not available anymore! Here's is the latest design:


 I reworked the GameKing-Multicarts and this new design uses now a 32mbit flashrom and also supports the 8mbit multigames for this console. While the previous version had only 4mbit of space and so could only support the 4mbit games.



That way i did go threw all available game-dumps and in the end i had a compilation which only needed 4 Multicarts. Which means, three Multicarts contain all 72 available GameKing games and one extra Multicart contains all 7 available GameKing3 games (this one is of course only working on a GameKing3-console!). See the DIP-Switch-Settings sheet below for the games on each Multicart.

Thursday, September 24, 2020


I finally found some time the last couple of months and created the ULTIMATE MULTICART for the Tomy Tutor/Pyuuta console.


It's basically an All-in-One cartridge for the Tutor, with some nice front- and back-covers, which act like a basic cartridge-case.

The cartridge contains ALL available games (8kb/16kb and 32kb), which got ever released for this console and it even has some space left.

No adapter or other cartridge is needed anymore. It's the ULTIMATE solution for the Tomy Tutor/Pyuuta, just plug it in the back-port of your console and select the games with the DIP-switches.

new homebrew:

On the cartridge are still two 8kb banks, two 16kb banks and one 32kb bank free. Perfectly for new homebrew games! Everyone, who create's a new homebrew for the Tomy Tutor, which can get added to the cartridge, will get a ULTIMATE cartridge for half the price! (Only shipping-costs have to get paid)

No matter if it's a TI99 conversation or a completely new game!

The ULTIMATE-CARTRIDGE is only working on an japanese Pyuuta console (first revision)!

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Karnov (US, rev 5)

Another mcu decapped!


Karnov (US, rev 5) is now the first set of this game, which is fully preserved!

Thanks to Brian for sending me the mcu!

EDIT 20-SEPT-2020:
The MCU-dump got confirmed as working on real hardware and also got hooked up in MAME to both US-Revisions of the game.
For the JAPAN-Version, Dirk Best handcrafted the needed mcu-rom, based on this decap.
This is another huge step forward for preserving KARNOV.
THX to all involved!

Still alot of 8751H's are needed for decapping. If you can help, please contact me!