Saturday, May 27, 2017

V.Smile - emulation needed!

i got interested about the V.Smile again some weeks ago and quickly bought 4 new/undumped games for it!

- 52-092004 - Abenteuer im ABC Park (GER)

- 52-092422 - Finding Nemo - De Wonderwereld Van Nemo (NL)

. 52-092862 - Shrek De Derde - Arthurs Schooldag Avontuur (NL)
 - 52-092942 - Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (NL)

The current emulation-status of the V.Smile is most likely only luck...some games boot in MAME, some only give a black screen. Sound and Controls are not emulated.
As i'm pretty sure the booting games would be playable, if controls would work...i contacted BeckieRGB about it! She did some investigations and found it! "It's a 4800 bps 8N1 serial protocol with some control lines."
This will hopefully bring us working controls in the next few weeks!

As there are alot of questions about the CPU and SOUND, i contacted Sean if he can buy a console and decap the CPU from it!

He bought a "V.Smile" and a "V.Smile Baby" and decapped the CPU's from it!

V.Smile - Sunplus QU7073-P69A

V.Smile Baby - OL8139C or QL8139C

Sean also dumped the US-Bios of the V.Smile too!

I really hope more devs get interested at the current V.Smile MAME-driver and we get some games to a "working" state.