Friday, September 9, 2022

Bandai SUPER VISION 8000 - Multicart

 Tony asked me a couple of months ago, if i could make a multicart for the SUPER VISION 8000. A console from 1979, which was most likely the first console, which used ROM-cartridges.

Getting this console is nearly impossible these days, getting games for even more impossible...

Naive like i am, i told Tony, if he will send (borrow) his console to me i will do it. Some weeks later the console arrived, including MISSILEVADER as game cartridge. Already at the first evening i had a working multicart-prototype. So i finished the pcb-design, made a 3d-printed shell for it and now some weeks later here we are.

The first multicart for the SUPER VISION 8000, containing all seven available games for the console.

Here's the DIP-Sheet: