Monday, July 25, 2022

GAME KING 128mbit (92 in 1) Multicart

This is it! The third and final revision of a Multicart for the GAME KING!


Back in 2019 in released a Flashcart with 512kb of space, which could fit 4x 128kb games. In 2020 i released a new design with 4mb of space, and with 4 carts you had ALL available games in your hands.

Some weeks ago, i reworked it again, and now i'm finally finished with it ;-) This new cartridge has 16mb of space and can hold ALL available games for the handheld. In fact you have 92 games in one cartridge!

Designing the cartridge-case was pretty interesting, as the cartridge uses nearly the complete available space inside the cartridge-slot, but it worked out pretty nice.

Inside are four 29L3211 flashroms full with games!

It also has the seven GAME KING 3 games included, which only work on the GK3 of course!

The 92 games on the cartridge are:


Available with someone wants one...

Sunday, July 10, 2022

Casio Loopy - Multicarts

The CASIO LOOPY, another obscure console from Japan, which had no flashcart so far.


Back in 2019 i already had a basic cartridge-design ready, which had space for 1-2 games and while it had no RAM-support, it worked pretty good for most of the games. This was basically just a proof of concept and shortly after i sent the design to Phil Bennett, who did an amazing job with it, which will most likely be in MAME sometime in the future.

In 2022 i took the basic-design and reworked it from scratch. I added RAM and did fill up the cartridge with four 27c322 eproms. This means the cartridge has 16mb (128mbit) of space for 4-8 games.

The game-library of the Loopy is not big, only 10 games (9 are dumped) and 1 extra device (Magical Shop) got released.

Which means, with only two multicarts you can basically have a full-set of all Loopy games. My next task was to design cartridge-shells and that worked out pretty good too.

The 8in1 multicart is full with all eight 2mb games. The 4in1 has the two 3mb games included and has space for 2 other games. It's extendable, which means if ever the missing "Chakura-kun no Omajinai Paradise" get's dumped, just program it on a 27c322 and solder the eprom into the cartridge. Even a forth 27c322 could get soldered in, if someone will do a homebrew game for the console in the future.

 The battery for the RAM is easily accessable from the backside of the cartridge.

The labels on the cartridge are self-printed and hand-cut and include the switch-settings for each game.

After everything was finished i designed a minimalistic cartridge-stand which can hold five Loopy cartridges:

And here are some pictures of all games on the multicarts:

i have only a very limited amount of each multicart available (4 pieces each). If someone wants a full set (both multicarts) i will include a cartridge-stand for free.

If all multicarts are sold, i will most likely do one more batch of 5 pieces each. Most likely i will not do a third batch, as they are just to much work to get them assembled and the prices of the needed components got insanely high the last few months...

1st Batch - SOLD OUT

2nd Batch - SOLD OUT

No carts are available anymore!