Sunday, September 27, 2020

Game King - 32mbit - Multicarts

 I reworked the GameKing-Multicarts and this new design uses now a 32mbit flashrom and also supports the 8mbit multigames for this console. While the previous version had only 4mbit of space and so could only support the 4mbit games.



That way i did go threw all available game-dumps and in the end i had a compilation which only needed 4 Multicarts. Which means, three Multicarts contain all 72 available GameKing games and one extra Multicart contains all 7 available GameKing3 games (this one is of course only working on a GameKing3-console!). See the DIP-Switch-Settings sheet below for the games on each Multicart.


I only will have a very small quanity of full sets (all 4 carts) here.

Price for a full set (all four carts) is 65EUR.

If someone is interested, just write me.

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