Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Genius TableTop - Black Magic CX

Got another Vtech Learning console yesterday!

This console is a TableTop "PC" with a wireless Keyboard.

The first thing i saw, when i opened the console was a handwritten piece of paper with the text "Zlatko 24 Jahre - Februar 2000" (Zlatko 24 years - February 2000)...this is most likely the guy who built this machine together....but why did he wrote his age on the paper too???

The more interesting thing was found on the pcb itself. this toy uses the same TSOP48 chip package type, as the I.Q.Unlimited cartridge, which i dumped three days ago. (

Good that i already built a dumping adapter for this chip-type. The dumping process worked perfectly and this maskrom had a 2mb rom inside.

Included with this console is also a cartridge called "EUROPA". This cartridge is basically empty and working only as a jumper. So the "game" is already inside the internal maskrom of the console.

Here are some videos, the manual and some pictures of the console:

The rom should get added to MAME the next few days.

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