Sunday, October 13, 2019

Final MCU's from Brian's package

and here we have the last three MCU's of Brian's last package.

Body Slam

Matches the existing decap of it! So this is another confirmation of the decap and practice for my decapping skills.

Fire Trap (US)

This is the MCU for the US-Version of Fire Trap. (The Japan-Version was decapped a couple of weeks ago).
It does not match the handcrafted dump! So this is a new real dump!

Last Mission

So this is really interesting!
As i already decapped this chip about 6 weeks ago already, we got good reads from it back than. Now i decapped this new chip and got a different dump.
While the rompart of the chip is the same on both and matches each other, there's a difference in the empty-part of the rom:

LEFT: old decap
RIGHT: new decap

both dumps will work on the real hardware with no difference, as this is only in the not used area of the rom.
Basically the second dump is cleaner and this way looks "more" correct to me.
As i have the "old" mcu here too, i redumped it a couple of times today and always get the same rom. So they are really different in that area.

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