Friday, October 11, 2019

MCU challenge

Another package from Brian arrived today!

Brian drove about 400 miles (or 650km) to a guy who borrowed us these 8751H chips for decapping. I had some time today and started with the first 3 MCU's from the lot.


Finally this MCU is now secured! I already tried it in MAME and it looks like it's working flawlessly. So the handcrafted dump can now get removed.

CHELNOV (US) (Data East)

And here's another MCU dump for Chelnov. This time it's for the US-Version. Interestingly, this dump does not match the handcrafted rom. Will be interesting, what's the difference.

Dynamite Dux (set 1) (8751 317-0095)

Now also this set is completely secured and preserved.

Enjoy another batch of 8751 MCU dumps for MAME. More will get decapped soon...


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