Mittwoch, 11. Juli 2012


here we have it, the first Copera game!

Copera no Kono Ato Naani (Japan):

this game is currently not playable! FUSION shows the first screen and hangs....with PICODRIVE you can at least see the nice COPERA intro, after that it hangs too... maybe someone can translate the text of the first screenshot

the cartridge itself is compatible with the SEGA PICO, but it looks like the copera games won't boot on SEGA PICO's....inside the cartridge is a standard PICO cartridge-pcb, even made by SEGA with a SEGA mpr* eeprom!

So the pinout of the copera is compatible with the Sega PICO...this made at least the dumping easy...hopefully someone can make it running in an emulator!

Gakken no o-Benkyou Soft Eigo ABC (Japan):

Lego Fun To Built (Japan):

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