Thursday, July 26, 2012

last game...

Doraemon Ensoku-Imohori-Undoukai (Japan):

the last game for some time...already bought 6 new games in japan, these should arrive in the next 2 weeks...donations are highly needed if this project should continue, as no funds are now left.

so if you like this project, please donate!


  1. Hey, a question: If you have not (yet) resold these carts you dumped, could you take them apart and make readable pictures of the boards, front-back, or at least write up any markings on them?

    I ask this because it would be nice if we could write up each MPR-xxxxx identification code for the games. There are a few projects for these, like the ones at SMSPower, but none of them are really comprehensive. With you collecting carts for dumping, this could be the best chance for also writing up the rom IDs.

  2. Hey, all my latest dumps included a scan of the pcb too..where the MPR-xxxxx is readable!

    for the older dumps, i will make a package of all pcb-scans but that will take some time!

  3. Haha, that's awesome. Thanks.

    Take your time with the pics, it's better to make good ones then to hurry it up. I don't think anyone else will collect so many Pico games just for this.

  4. OK, I checked some of your recent uploads. The PCB scan is a little too low resolution to clearly read some markings, and there's no back scan, though I don't know how relevant that is. Same for the cartridge front scan (do we have any other sources for that? They may also have some 670-x serials on them...).

    The rest of it, booklet, boxart, manual, is PERFECT and will be a HUGE help to an ongoing cataloging project I'm slowly doing. There is literally no other source for all these Pico entries, and I'm not just talking about the PCBs but the scans as well.




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