Sunday, June 3, 2012

sunday, bloody dump day....

today, four new roms got dumped.

Gakken no o-Benkyou Soft Kazu-Suuji (Japan):

Gakken Pico de Kagaku 1 Hakken Mushi no Himitsu (Japan):

Soreike! Anpanman Eigo to Nakayoshi 2 Tanoshii Carnival (Japan):

Ultraman vs. Kaijuu Gundan (Japan):

until now no donations came this will be my last attempt to get some donations for this project!

the incentive:
I will double all donations which will come in during the next 5 days! So, for example, if you donate 10USD, i will put another 10USD from my own money into the donations-pot!

So every donations which will get sent to via paypal during 03th June 2012 and 08th June 2012 will get doubled by myself!

All Donations will get listed at this page! (if you want to donate anonymous please write me a email to, after your donation)

Currently i have only four more games to dump, they will get dumped during the next two/three days! After that this project is over, as long as no donations come in...

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