Monday, November 12, 2012

preservation of VTECH stuff (part one)

most of you likely know the "VTECH Learning Laptops" for childen (age 3 to 99), which were very popular in the mid 90's in germany and europe.
i just started to preserve as many of these cartridges as possible.

here's the first batch:

80-1587 - Super-Naturwissenschaften
80-2095 - Fling - Die Buchstaben-Schleuder
80-2096 - Carlchen Clever - Wort- und Zahlenlabyrinth
80-2215 - Englisch für Anfänger
80-2232 - Schreibmaschinenkurs
80-2496 - Englisch für Fortgeschrittene
80-10171 - Wortspiele
80-12072 - Tabellenkalkulation
80-12074 - Französisch für Anfänger
80-13574 - Diktate

each game also got the boxart, manual, cartridge & pcb scanned (when i had it), to preserve as much, as possible.

some of you maybe saw the "VTECH Genius IQ 128" emulation in MESS, some month ago. it's working great, except sound. I sent the german system-rom to pulkomandy, which he dumped successfully.

now i also got this cartridge:

80-13375 - Fit in Naturwissenschaften

so, i was happy to dump this one too, but after i opened the cartridge i was a little bit surprised.

there's nothing really in it, it's basically just a "jumper", so the program-data is already in the basic system-rom included!

i already knew that from other VTECH learning laptops, where VTECH sold additional cartridges, which act like "jumpers" to play "new" games. this cartridges are really cheap to produce and get sold for a high price.

i also scanned the german manual, boxart and pcb from this game (program)... hopefully someone can emulate this feature in MESS, so that we also have access to this game! btw. as you can see on the pcb-pics, you can set the jumper also to a second state by just wiring it to the other hole. so basically there should be TWO new games inside the already available IQ 128 dump!

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