Saturday, February 16, 2013

Memory Mania vs. Gedächtnis-Training

today i dumped my "Gedächtnis-Training" cartridge for the "Prof. Weiss-Alles" console.

as expected it was completely the same as the already existing dump of "Memory Mania (Rev B)"...personally i don't think that a "REV B" exists of this game... my cartridge looks like a stickers or "B"s anywhere on the cartridge or PCB.
on my QC-Sticker is a litte "T12" handwritten, so i think it's just the initials of the guy who checked the cartridge...

as long as there's no real proof that another revision of this game exist, the words "REV B" should get removed from the opinion.

and here are some shots of the games running...

started with Prof. Weiss-Alles:

started with Socrates:

btw. shouldn't the games, as they are Multi-Language (German & English), also get the "German" Name included into the Software-List?

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