Monday, November 27, 2017

Quizard 3 - Decap the D8751H

Exacly 11 months ago i decapped the D8751H MCU's from Quizard 1 and 4. Sadly nobody hooked them up in MAME so far, but at least the data was secured and you can easily burn replacements since then for this two versions!

A couple of days ago i got a D8751H for the Quizard 3!

Today i decapped it.
Picture of the D8751H before starting the process...

Heating it to 330°, and you can easily remove the top of it.

Using UV opaque material to cover the eprom area...
Close-Up of the DIE, works pretty good if you use the nail polish of your wife ;-)

To verify the data afterwards, i burned a new 89C51 with it. Guess what, i works perfectly!

The procedure is pretty simple: Remove the Top of the D8751H, cover the ROM-Area with nail polish, bring the DIE under your UV-lamp, so that the lock-bit get erased and read the chip on your favourite eprommer...

I really hope we get a D8751H for the Quizard 2 soon too.

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