Thursday, April 16, 2020

Bandai Design Master - Multicarts

Another exotic console is the Design Master Denshi Mangajuku made by Bandai in 1995.

This console only got 9 cartridges (4 Game-Carts / 4 Design Carts / 1 Special Cart) released and is basically a drawing handheld.

I got contacted for getting the cartridges dumped and within a couple of hours i had the complete cartridge-pinout reversed and the first dump of a cartridge. Within some months i got sent ALL available carts, for dumping, from three sources and now we have a complete dumped cartridge-set of this console.
The Weekly Shonen Jump Special cartridge is very interesting, as only 300 copies were made.

As the emulation of this console will be tricky (the console uses an MCU with internal data), we needed a fast way to confirm that the dumps are good. So i designed three multi-cartridges for this system.

Three Multicarts for the Design-Master. (You will need all three carts to play the complete library of this system)

A 4in1 Game-Cartridge, a 4in1 Design-Cartridge and the Weekly Shonen Jump Special-Cartridge.
Like the real carts, you can use the Game-Carts alone with the system or combine the Game-Carts with the Design-Carts.

Combined Game-Cart + Design-Cart

The Cartridges were designed to be as small as possible, while also good to be usable. That way the Design-Carts are only half the size of the Original.

Game-Cart inside the console
Game-Cart + Design-Cart inside the console
Weekly Shonen Jump Special-Cart inside the console

I have a small quantity of carts for sale.

Prices for the full set (three carts) is 30EUR.

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