Friday, November 25, 2022

Italian MCU for Quizard 1

Another great Dumping Union story...

Brian found an Quizard-interface-board with an italian MCU on it, on ebay. As the seller only shipped within Italy another great guy from the DU jumped in. F205v bought the board and documented it here on his site. Afterwards he sent the board to me, for decapping the MCU.

It arrived today and i immediatly started the decapping-process...

It's really nice, that the process is really easy and that it's finished within just 10 minutes. Making the pictures and writing this blog-post took more time, as the decapping itself.

Afterwards i could read the D8751H with my programmer and got an 4kb file. Testing it in MAME worked perfectly and so you can now play all revisions of QUIZARD 1 in italian language!

So "introdurre Monete" and answer some italian quiz-questions! ;-)

Thanks to f205v for paying everything here and thx to Brian for keeping the eyes open for undumped stuff!

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