Wednesday, May 8, 2019

PS-IO Switchboard for PS1 (incl. Modchip)

As i needed a second PS-IO switchboard for my other PS1 console and didn't want to wait another 4 weeks until it arrives here i made my own ones.

Firstly, i made a 1:1 copy for the original switchboard. It's perfectly working and can get installed with the same instructions as the original board:

PS-IO Switchboard 1:1 clone

As i also wanted to install a Modchip inside my PS1, i made a second version of the switchboard, which also includes a MM3 Modchip on the board.

PS-IO switchboard with ModChip (installed on a PU-22 board)

This is a clean solution if you need a modchip inside your PS1 and a switchboard. It will save you 2 wires to solder and it's easy to install.

Old solution, installing the PS-IO switchboard and MM3-Modchip seperately (on a PU-17 board)

I have some of those boards left.

The 1:1 Clone will cost 8EUR
The Switchboard+Modchip will cost 11EUR

Just use the contact form below if you need one.

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