Saturday, October 3, 2020

TL866IIPlus - Adapter #1 (MSP55LV650 & MSP55LV128)

 While dumping many of those Multigame-Consoles & -Handhelds the last couple of months, i designed some adapters for the TL866IIPlus, so dumping the unusual flashrom will be easier in the future.

In this post i will show the first adapter, which is for the MSP55LV650 (64mbit) and MSP55LV128 (128mbit) flashroms.

For all these adapters you will need a TL866IIPlus programmer (basically a TL866 should work too, but is not tested) and an TSOP48 V3 Baseboard:


For the adapter itself you will need the following parts:

- 1pcs of the Base-PCB, which can get ordered here

 - 2pcs 2.54 1x40 pin breakaway female header single row (look at ALIEXPRESS)


 - 1pcs 1P2T slide switch 2.54 (look at ALIEXPRESS)





- 2pcs female double row pin header 2x12 (look at ALIEXPRESS)





 - 1pcs PSOP44 to DIP44 Adapter (look at ALIEXPRESS)







Solder all parts together and you will get this:

Now put all adapters into each other and insert it inside your TL866IIPlus:


  1. Controll the DIP-Switch (DIP 1) on the adapter-board! It has to be in L-position!
  2. Open your TL866IIPlus-Software and select the IC S29GL064A10TFIR3.
  3.  De-select CHECK ID

  4. Click on READ and on READ on the next screen

  5. You have to get this ERROR-Message! 4 Pins should be not connected, that is correct! (If you have more Pins not connected, re-insert your chip and check your socket-connections, it has to be exactly 4 unconnected pins!)

  6. Click Cancel and afterwards de-check the Pin-Detect

  7. Now read the Chip again (Click READ and READ on the next screen), it should read the complete 8mb!

  8. Save the dump to a file!
  9. remove the chip from the socket, reinsert it and read it again (Step 2 - 7), compare both dumps and look if they have the same CRC...if not, repeat the Steps 2-8 until you have at least 2 identical dumps!
  10. For MSP55LV650 you are finished, this chip has only a 8mb rom!
  11. For MSP55LV128, change the DIP-Switch now to H and repeat the steps 2-8 for the second half of the chip. This chip has a 16mb rom. After you have dumped the first half (DIP-Switch to L) and the second half (DIP-Switch to H) you have to concatenate both 8mb files! Afterwards you are also finished with dumping the MSP55LV128.

I hope this will help some of you getting this stuff dumped! 


An blog-post about adapters for the MSP55LV100S and MSP55LV512 will follow in the next few days!

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