Sunday, October 11, 2020

TL866IIPlus - Adapter #2 (MSP55LV100S)


In this post i will show you the second adapter, which is for the MSP55LV100S (1Gbit) flashroms. This rom has 128mb and with this adapter you can dump it in 16 pieces of 8mb each.

For all these adapters you will need a TL866IIPlus programmer (basically a TL866 should work too, but is not tested) and an TSOP48 V3 Baseboard:


For the adapter itself you will need the following parts:

- 1pcs of the Base-PCB, which can get ordered here

 - 4pcs 1P2T slide switch 2.54 (look at ALIEXPRESS)





- 2pcs female double row pin header 2x12 (look at ALIEXPRESS)







Solder all parts together and you will get this (in the picture i also soldered the MSP55LV100S already to the board):


Now put all adapters into each other and insert it inside your TL866IIPlus:


  1. Check the DIP-Switchs on the adapter-board! ALL have to be a LOW position
  2. Open your TL866IIPlus-Software and select the IC S29GL064A10TFIR3.
  3.  De-select CHECK ID

  4. Click on READ and on READ on the next screen

  5. You have to get this ERROR-Message! 3 Pins should be not connected, that is correct! (If you have more Pins not connected, re-insert your chip and check your socket-connections, it has to be exactly 3 unconnected pins!)

  6. Click CANCEL and afterwards de-check the Pin-Detect

  7. Now read the Chip again (Click READ and READ on the next screen), it should read the complete 8mb!

  8. Save the dump to a file called "BANK01"!
  9. remove the adapter from the socket, reinsert it and read it again (Step 2 - 8), compare both dumps and look if they have the same CRC...if not, repeat the Steps 2-8 until you have at least 2 identical dumps! (if you never get the same CRC's, check your connections, maybe you have some soldered the chip wrong...or your flashrom is defective.
  10. Congrats you have just dumped the first 8mb BANK of this chip.
  11. Now you this BANK-SHEET:

  12. Move the Switches to the position of BANK 2 and repeat the Steps 2 - 9...SAVE the FILE as BANK02.
  13. Move the Switches to the position of BANK 3 and repeat the Steps 2 -9....SAVE the FILE as BANK03.
  14. Do this for all other BANKS!
  15. You should now have 16 files called BANK01 to BANK16.
  16. CONTATENATE all files BANK01+BANK02+.....+BANK16 to one single 128mb file with your favorite tool!
  17. CONGRATS you just dumped a MSP55LV100S flashrom!

I hope this will help some of you getting this stuff dumped! 


An blog-post about the adapter for the MSP55LV512 (512mbit) will follow soon!


  1. Any possibility to erase/re-program chips using this method? I've made a Arduino based setup for these chips, can dump but not program as yet. Very little info out there, no datasheet etc. Looking at a GBA bootleg cart with one of these chips, it seems pin 68 is /WE, pin 3 is /RESET, pin 5 unknown input or 2nd supply pin. Trying Spansion S29GL128/256/512/01G etc. commands, no luck so far :(

    1. No, that's not possible with this adapter. The goal was only to have an easy way for reading the rom, not for reprogramming it.