Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Super Cassette Vision - Project finished

 Finally, the SUPER CASSETTE VISION is finished for me. With these four cartridges you can play ALL available games for the system.  To the already existing three cartridges, i finally finished the long awaited 128kb+RAM cartridge, which is needed for POLE POSITION II.

Pole Position II is one of the rarest and most expensive games for this system and cartridges get sold easily for over 250EUR.

As this was the last game, which was not playable with the existing three carts, i had to solve this problem. ;-)

All four Multicarts for the SCV.


If you want to play all available games for this system, you will need all four carts. I also finally redesigned all carts to be the same design, with front- and back-cover.

Cartridge-Stand for the complete Multicart-Set

I also designed a small cartridge-stand which will get included to a full set of carts.

Here's the full DIP-Switch-Sheet for all four carts:

Stay tuned for me next project...


  1. Interesting project :)

    I got a few question about the content of the 4 cartridges:
    - in the 27-in-1, I can see 2 entries that seems to be about the same game: Super Sansu Puter and Sansupyuta.
    - Pop and Chips is in both the 27-in-1 and the 32k SRAM. Is it normal?
    - I cannot see Super Soccer in any cartriges.

    1. - Super Sansu Puter and Sansupyuta are two different roms...most likely different rom-revisions
      - Pop & Chips is on both carts, that true! You can play it on the 27in1, but you can't save your highscore! Saving is only possible on the 32kb+RAM cart
      - Super Soccer is included on the you can see on the DIP-Sheet

  2. Have you got the consoles to dump? The Mame driver has 'bad_dump' in a few locations.

  3. Hey ! Multicarts are top quality and works like a charm (the top secret game of the 128kb RAM seems to have their dip Switches reversed on mine)