Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Space Harrier (Rev A, 8751 315-5163A) - MCU decapped

 Finally, after so many years, Alex got his hands on an MCU for Space Harrier (Rev A, 8751 315-5163A) and shipped it directly to me for decapping.

This is one of the games, i always had big hopes we will get the MCU decapped.

It's now done!

The decapping-process worked straight forward without any problems.

Another game completely preserved!

Credits for this decap: Alex & TeamEurope

Still alot of 8751 mcu's are not decapped. If you have one of the missing ones and want to help preserving it, please contact me.


  1. Do you have a list of the MCUs needed?

    1. I will try to get a full of the missing 8751 mcu's and make a new post about it.

  2. You guys do great work. Thanks

  3. Here's the basic list I have

    Data East Titles:
    DH - Side Pocket (Euro - Current is hand crafted)
    DK - Shackled
    DL00-7 - Last Mission - Need Japanese
    DL00-E - Last Mission (World)
    DN - Karnov (Japan - Current is hand crafted)
    DT-E - Gondomania (Europe - Current is hand crafted)
    DY - SR Darwin (Japan)
    EA - Wonder Planet (all regions needed)

    IREM M72:
    AD C-PR-C Air Duel (World, M72 PCB)
    MH C-PR-B Battle Chopper (World)
    DB C-PR-B Dragon Breed (World)
    CC C-PR- Gallop - Armed Police Unit (Japan, M72 PCB)
    NS C-PR-B? Ninja Spirit (World) - Japan already dumped
    XM C-PR- X-Multiply (Japan, M72 PCB)

    Sega Titles:
    315-5163 Space Harrier (was the non "A" ever released?)
    317-0011A Dump Matsumoto
    317-0077 Altered Beast
    317-0098 Wonder Boy III - Monster Lair
    317-0100 Tough Turf (need dump of Program ROMs ect)
    317-0104 Tough Turf

    SemiCom 8752 chips might need Caps0FF method?:
    Cookie & Bibi
    Carket Ball
    BC Story
    Metle Saver
    SD Fighter
    Final Tetris
    Su Ho Seong
    Cookie & Bibi 2
    Cookie & Bibi 3
    Ma Cheon Ru
    New HyperMan (3-in-1 with Cookie & Bibi & HyperMan)
    More More
    More More Plus
    Toppy & Rappy
    Puzzle Break

    1. Don't forget WILD POKER from TAB AUSTRIA.
      I could hit myself that i did not buy the complete machine for 150eur about 10years ago, when i had the chance to do it. I just dumped the eproms back then...and could not dump the MCU for it...8 years fast forward, i would habe been able to decap the 8175 for it, when i had bought it.
      I never saw the machine again for sale the last 10 years...

    2. Capcom Avengers also needs the MCU/protection device dumped

    3. No it doesn't. Avengers runs on a heavily modified Trojan PCB. There's no MCU on that board.....