Saturday, August 28, 2021

Casio PV-1000 & PV-2000 - new Controllers

 Getting a controller for the PV-1000 (or PV-2000) is nearly impossible these days! So if you got a console without a controller or want a second controller for two-player-games you have to search for a very long time and most likely have to pay high prices if you find one for sale.

As i wanted to get a second controller for my console since some years, and never found one for sale, i made my own one!


Yes, this is a PV-1000 (and PV-2000) controller inside a NES-Case! The internal design is completely new and reverse engineered from the original controller with a nice black MiniDin8 cable! I even included the MAIN/ATTACK switch, with you can swap the functions of the button's A and B on the controller! The cables have a length of ~1m, which is exactly the same as the original controllers have.

Playing the games with this controller is really a new experience! To be true, they play better with this new controller as with the original "Joystick-Controller".

As the controllers for the PV-1000 and PV-2000 are identical, this new Controllers will work on both machines!

I only make a very small batch of these, most likely less than 10 pieces. So if someone is interested in buying one, please contact me via the email address on the first page.

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