Friday, September 17, 2021

Wonder Planet (Japan) - MCU decapped

 Another mcu got delivered today. It's the 8751 mcu from Wonder Planet (Japan), a game which has the mcu-functions simulated in MAME since march 2001 by Bryan McPhail.

Nearly 20 years later three guys from the DU teamed together and bought the PCB, which included the mcu, for decapping.

Again, decapping the mcu worked without any problems and the mcu-simulation can now get removed from MAME after so many years.

This is the current/updated 8751 MISS-LIST from MAME:
DH - Side Pocket (Euro - Current is hand crafted)
DK - Shackled
DL00-7 - Last Mission - Need Japanese
DL00-E - Last Mission (World)
DN - Karnov (Japan - Current is hand crafted)
DT-E - Gondomania (Europe - Current is hand crafted)
DY - SR Darwin (Japan)

AD C-PR-C Air Duel (World, M72 PCB)
MH C-PR-B Battle Chopper (World)
DB C-PR-B Dragon Breed (World)
CC C-PR- Gallop - Armed Police Unit (Japan, M72 PCB)
NS C-PR-B? Ninja Spirit (World) - Japan already dumped
XM C-PR- X-Multiply (Japan, M72 PCB)

315-5163 Space Harrier (was the non "A" ever released?)
317-0011A Dump Matsumoto
317-0098 Wonder Boy III - Monster Lair
317-0100 Tough Turf (need dump of Program ROMs ect)
317-0104 Tough Turf
So still some mcu's left. If you want to support the decapping of these mcu's, donations are highly welcomed for buying boards, or paying shipping-costs. paypal: 

 If i didn't count wrong, this is my 33th successfull decapped 8751 mcu.

Thanks to all people who were involved to get the Wonder Planet mcu decapped!

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