Monday, September 27, 2021

Dragon Breed (Japan) - MCU decapped

Brizzo contacted me, that he has the DB CP-R-B mcu, which is needed for the DRAGON BREED (World) board and as it's on the list of missing MCU's he will ship it to me.

The MCU arrived today. But sadly it was not the needed DB C-PR-B mcu, it was the DB C-PR- which is for the DRAGON BREED (Japan) board and is already decapped since two years. (see here)

So it's really important to check, that the markings on the chip are exactly like on the list of the missing MCU's!

As the chip was here, i decapped it, as it's good practice anyway. The process worked without any problems and within 10mins i had the internal data dumped. It matched the existing dump, which i did in October 2019.

Thanks to Brizzo, for shipping the mcu. Sadly nothing new, but it at least confirms the existing dump to be good!

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