Friday, March 22, 2019

Sega Pico Flashcart / Adapter

I showed the first possible solution for a flashcart in October 2012 (

This solution always needed original donor cartridges from the Sega Pico, specially it were cartridges "Made in Mexico", as these had the socket for a 27C322 eprom.
 As these carts are pretty rare in Europe and will now most likely cost you 30-40euro per piece i made my own Flashcart for the Sega Pico!

But it's more or less a 3in1 Cartridge-PCB now, which fits perfectly in the original cartridge-cases!

1. You can use it as an "MEGADRIVE to PICO" adapter! Which means, you can use ALL your Sega Genesis/Megadrive Flashcarts for the Sega Pico! Just load the Pico-Rom on your Megadrive-Flashcart and put this cart into the socket of the Pico-Cartridge. If krikzz would make a new OS for his Mega Everdrives, even those should work with this!
You can also use his "Flashkit Programmer MD" and "Flashkit Cart MD" with this adapter, to play your Sega Pico roms on the real Pico hardware! (Mega-Version)

2. You can use it as a normal 27C322 Flashcart! Burn your game on the eprom, put it into the 42pin socket and you can play the game on the console. (Eprom-Version)

3. This PCB can also get used to make Replica-Carts or Homebrew-Carts. (Replica-Version)

this cart can currently get bought as a kit for self-soldering in four different versions:

Full-Version (PCB + 42pin socket + 1x 27C322 eprom + Megadrive-Socket): 15 EUR

Mega-Version (PCB + Megadrive-Socket): 14 EUR

Eprom-Version (PCB + 42pin socket + 1x 27C322 eprom): 11 EUR

Replica-Version (PCB + 1x 27C322 eprom): 10 EUR

Shipping worldwide is 15EUR, no matter how many sets you buy.

If you want one, please use the contact form below.

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