Friday, March 22, 2019

Sega Saturn (Multi-)ROM-Cartridge

As all of you most likely know: The Sega Saturn has two games, which will always need a ROM-Cartridge to get the game started.
So even with a modchip, you will always need the cartridges for these games, otherwise you get just a "Missing ROM"-ErrorMessage on the screen.
These games are "King of Fighter 95" and "Ultraman".

Until now you had to buy the original cartridges for these games to get them started.

But here is the solution! A small Multicart for the Sega Saturn! This cartridge contains the gamedata for both games. Just select the game you want to start with the dipswitch and put the CD into the drive! Voila, enjoy the games!

You can use this Multicart with Original CD's if you have no modchip! If you have a modchip inside your Saturn, you can use this cartridge with burned Backups!

This cartridge can't get used with a PSEUDO SATURN!!

Price: 10EUR/cartridge
Shipping worldwide: 15EUR

You can use the contact-form below for ordering.

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