Monday, March 11, 2019

The Legend of Tonma (Philko bootleg) [MCU decapping]

Hammy bought a The Legend of Tonma (Philko bootleg) pcb a couple of months ago and sent me the 8751H MCU from it to deprotect, decap and read it. (as it was protected and only gave FF while reading)

I received it today and immediatly had to work on it ;-)

So as with all 8751 MCU's, the first part is to remove the top cover. Which was a little bit more work on this chip-package, as it was on all the other 8751's i have done so far.

But after around 10 minutes i got it off and grabbed the nail polish for the next part, to cover the eprom-area on the DIE.

With the covered eprom area, the chip was put inside the uv-eraser for around 20 minutes. Afterwards i did put it into my programmer and tried to read it.

looks like it worked! ;-)

Enjoy another MCU dump for MAME...

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