Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Vtech Socrates / Yeno Professor Weiss-Alles / Yeno Professeur Saitout - Multigame-Cartridge

In the last couple of month's i have done a lot of work on designing some Flashcarts/Multigame cartridges for rare and (for most people) unimportant consoles. I will now post some infos about all this work and carts in the next couple of weeks/months.

Today i wanna show you the first Flashcart/Multigame-Cartridge for the VTECH Socrates. (Yeno Professor Weiss-Alles / Yeno Professeur Saitout)


The cartridge has a M27C801 eprom, which has space for all eight available games from this console. Games are selectable by DIP-Switch.

When the cartridge is inside the console, the DIP-Switch is always accessable. Turn off the console, change the DIP and turn it on to play the next game.

The Multigame-PCB also fits perfectly into the original Cartridge-Shell. Just cut out a small hole on the front of the shell and you can access the DIP.


Some of the games are Multilanguage! So if you start a game inside a Socrates console you get english text. If you start these games in the Professor Weiss-Alles, the games are in german language. The games are also in french if you start it in a Professeur Saitout console!

The cartridge is working with all Consoles (Socrates, Professor Weiss-Alles, Professeur Saitout)

DIP-Switch sheet for the Multicart

I have currently parts for 5 complete Multigame-Cartridges here.

Costs per Cartridge (soldered and ready to use): 20EUR 
(Shipping worldwide: 15EUR)

If you are interested in one (or more) just contact me over the email-adress on the first page!

EDIT 07-12-2020:
I just released a printable cartridge case for this Multicart: here
Here is an RCA-Mod for this console: here


  1. Hi!
    If I understood correctly, you're offering all 8 Socrates games in one cartridge, right? If so, how may I order it?
    Thank you.

    1. my contact email-address is on the first page! (remove all # from the address)