Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Vtech Socrates / Yeno Professor Weiss-Alles / Professeur Saitout - RCA-MOD

The Socrates has a big problem, it's pretty hard to get it running on modern TV's as it only output's a RF-Signal.

This guy (https://modelrail.otenko.com/retro/vtech-socrates) already made an RCA-Mod on the Socrates, so the pinout was pretty clear and easy to handle.

I designed A small pcb which will make this mod easier and you will also get a back-plate which will cover the hole on the back of the console

RCA-PCB and Back-Plate


installed board
The installation is really easy, just solder the five wires of the console to the pcb and you are finished.
The board can get screwed to the console and the back-plate can get soldered to the rca-pcb.
Afterwards, everything fits and is ready to use.

I already modified three consoles with this mod.

The price for all parts (without screws) is 10EUR.

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